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Big Button Box - funny sound effects & loud sounds app for iPhone and iPad

4.8 ( 848 ratings )
Lifestyle Entertainment
Developer: Shaved Labs Ltd
0.99 USD
Current version: 5.1, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 18 Dec 2009
App size: 42.07 Mb

Big Button Box™ gives you OVER 100 individual BIG BUTTONS that let off the BEST BOOMING FUNNY SOUNDS!

Theres nothing more satisfying than touching awesome buttons and hearing extra-loud, over-amplified, ear-piercing sound effects... and Big Button Box is the fully-featured sound effects app that lets you do this over and over and over!

*** OVER 5,000 5-STAR REVIEWS! ***
* "One of my favorite apps!"
* "Awesome - This app is a must buy!" J Lesko
* "I am enjoying this app WAY 2 MUCH!!!!! I cant stop laughing" RAYdiant
* "This app is amazing. Ive had it 2 years and never had a problem with it" TheLindoMan
* "If you like annoying people, or just a good laugh, this is the app for you" Jaymandoo

- Over 100 Big Buttons!
- Three buttons modes: Use them as big buttons or choose to play them from the menu in two different ways
- Sort the buttons into the order you want
- Pitch Warper: Shift the pitch of the sounds!
- Randomizer: Shuffles the buttons into new combinations!

The awesome big buttons included in Big Button Box are:
Dynamite, Ka-Ching, Alarm Clock, Buzzer, Scream, Gong, Bleep, Woo!, Service Bell, Jackpot, Game Show, Cat Call, Gunshot, Woohoo!, Applause, You Suck!, Alarm, Loser, Ha-ha!, Uh-oh, Dog, Cat, Truck Horn, Burp, Fart, Excuse Me!

Update 1: Crash, Yee-hah!, Vomit, Yes, Grenade, Shut-up!, Elephant, Laughter, Cough

Update 2: Oh Yeah!, Police, Monkey, No, Crickets, Boing, Whatever, Doorbell, Witch

Update 3: Jack Hammer, Karate, Oh Snap, Ooh La la, Oww, Whip, Splat, Scatch, Youre Fired, You Lose, Balloon Burst, Bomb, Boo, Fanfare, Evil Laugh, Rooster, Timer, Boooo

Update 4: Oh Baby, Epic Fail, Jet, Grenade Launcher, TWSS, Crazy Laugh, Bingo, Gross, The Ref

Update 5: Rubber Ducky, Snore, Gimme Gimme, Pig, Aww Man!, Fail!, Hello, Goodbye, What?!

Update 6: Bullet, Kazoo, Really?, Freeze, OK, Busted!, Camera, Party Blower, Frog

Update 7: No Way, Uh Uh Uh, Oh My!, OMG, Crazy!, Congratulations, Merry Xmas!, Sleigh Bells, Happy New Year!

Update 8: Chainsaw, Rubber Chicken, Man Scream, Spit, Maybe, Bugle Call, Whoopee Cushion, Xylo, Clown Laugh

Update 9: Angry Cat, Good Morning, Bike Bell, Smoke Alarm, Go!, Bugle Charge, Baby Cry, Ewww!, Drum Roll

Update 10: Ahoy!, Yarr, Speed Metal, Sax Walk, Bullseye, Mm Mm Mmmm, Cartoon Rise, Cheater!, Drama

Pros and cons of Big Button Box - funny sound effects & loud sounds app for iPhone and iPad

Big Button Box - funny sound effects & loud sounds app good for

Theres a lot of sounds for all type of situations I like it a lot You should buy the application and the price isnt expensive!
This app is da bomb!! I have a couple of suggestions for buttons that would improve this app by alot! -You Fail (or just fail) -Wow! (said in a sarcastic tone) -Lol -Guitar strum -Your mom (Id love that added!!!) -Shazam! (cool noise) -Sundauy Sunday Sunday!! (repeated 3 times, like a monster truck show) -tweet tweeoo (flirty whistle) -TeeHee -Car screetch (scare people in the car) -BOOM! (enough said ;) All these suggestions are well liked amoung all of my friends and peers. Love the app, please add these!! :D Thanks for using epic fail :) Id still like to see… -Your mom -cookoo, cookoo -oMG -electric guitar solo -WOW (said sarcasm ) -and Id like to see *record your own* Kepp adding ;)
Gret job guy you mad the app so much more better and I belive its just gona get beter  app must get lots of fun
WANNA MAKE THIS APP EVEN MORE ?!?? CELEBRATY SOUNDBOARDS like joe pesci sayin a line from goodfellas for example IT WOULD BE MENTALLL TOP PAID APP GUARENTEED if websites can do it, the app store can do it too and there would be no other app like it, its just a matter of time before someone does it... man i wish i had more time on my hands... 
Put the ace Ventura loser button it would be awsome also a alrighty then button thanks
LOL I used it in class while the teacher was talking and she thought it was someone else who did the noise he got suspended for 3 days

Some bad moments

This app is so stupid why waste your money on an app that just does this: Shut up What ever Ya hoo Cough Hee hee Ding dong (door bell) Alarm Epic fail You lose Timer Crash Grenade launcher Grenade Boing Jack hammer So you get the idea well if you were a talk show sound person I can see it but pressing buttons to make a Sind you can make with you mouth is just boring stupid and not worth a dollar.
What the heck! This used to work but now most of the buttons dont make noise! Please fix this, because I really liked this app before!
It cost money but you can get sound box and its better and free
This game is the worst Im so mad I hope the people who made it delete it or pay me back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!! !!!!!!!!! Be aware of that

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